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Dementia Ventures is a commitment by the Westside Seniors Hub Partner Organizations to offer diverse activities for people living with dementia and their care partners. These activities are designed to:
                                                                 reduce stigma
                                                                 sustain quality of life

The projects listed below are partially funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada via the Building Capacity for Meaningful Participation by People Living with Dementia umbrella project. Current Hub Partner project planning began in early 2020 and is evolving all the time!

For more information, click on a category below to learn more, or

click on a Partner's name for their contact information.


Hub Partners want to foster more inclusive communities. They engage a wide range of community members in plans and conversations to build and change programs, and increase awareness.

These Partners are currently working on projects to achieve those objectives.


If you can participate in their projects, please click on the Partner's name and contact them directly.

Translink Awareness-Building Placards

       Thanks to an Implementation Fund grant from the Building Capacity for Meaningful Participation by People Living with Dementia project, the Hub’s Council has placed 210 awareness-building placards inside TransLink buses in Metro Vancouver during the summer. The three different designs developed by Building Capacity project team members Samantha Pineda Sierra and Heather Neale Furneaux, quote Action Committee members with lived experience from a special initiative known as The Flipping Stigma Project.

These members’ comments reflect on what it feels like to be discriminated against because of their dementia. The campaign aims to increase awareness and encourage open and respectful conversations about living with dementia. 


Even if you don’t travel on public buses, you will want to take a look HERE at these engaging placards. 

Kitsilano Community Centre Association

  • offers a variety of physical, social, and multicultural programming 

  • sponsored two Memory Cafés in October aimed at gathering programming needs and ideas from people experiencing dementia and care partners

  • Community Needs Assessment Group sponsored two Memory Cafés to gather community members' perspectives. An insightful report summarizes responses and diverse strategies for next steps in programming. steps forward

West Point Grey United Church

  • TLC (The Lunch Club) A program for seniors and people with dementia in the west side of Vancouver. A Four Part Series with educational component and group discussions. 

Pacific Spirit United Church

  • Congregation members at Pacific Spirit United Church created an insightful four-part series looking at dementia from a community perspective. It's called Beacon *shining light on Dementia and is available online here


Hub Partners are adapting existing programs to be more inclusive and planning new programs. They appreciate having community members participate at every stage - planning, implementing and sustaining - to build community capacity.

If you can participate at any stage of program planning or implementation, please click on the name of a Hub Partner below for their project description and contact them directly.

A.S.K. Friendship Centre

  •  develop programs & design space

  •  purchase art supplies to diversify programs

Dunbar Residents Association

  •  identify assets & gaps in services for seniors

  •  adapt Salmonberry Days for inclusive programming

  • organize Fireweed Club for outdoor activities in Balaclava Park, including development of a pollinator garden

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House

South Granville Seniors Centre

  •   Two Happy Memories Cafés

  •   English-language Café brochure here

  •   Spanish-language Café brochure here

Collaborative Project - Fireweed Club

  •  helping provide transportation to bring participants to outdoor events.

  •  opportunities to connect with the larger community and build new connections with people living with dementia in the community.

  •  summer schedule of activities in Vancouver's westside parks and plazas here included outings in ASK Society's van


These projects focus on identifying community members and services that can help build capacity to offer meaningful opportunities and adapt existing services to be more inclusive.

If you can participate in building capacity, please click on the Hub Partner's name for their contact them directly.

The Building Capacity Project - Dementia Ventures

  • Offers engaging programs in order to help organizations make existing offerings more inclusive. 

  • Informs future policies and priorities in community and health settings for dementia inclusive communities.

Westside Seniors Hub - Transportation Initiative

  • Model Programs that explore van-sharing and public transit challenges and solutions for seniors. 

Westside Seniors Hub

  • Develop a website to showcase Partners' projects and opportunities to  get involved

  • Invite diverse community members to become involved

  • Collaborate with UBC Centre for Community Engaged Learning students involved as Community Action Mobilizers to conduct asset-mapping of Vancouver's westside neighbourhoods and promote community resilience planning for shocks & stressors

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