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The Hub Council collaborates with Partner Organizations to identify, direct and guide activities of the Hub to fulfill its mission to build a more responsive and resilient seniors community. Together with Partners, we identify and highlight assets that help Westside seniors thrive. We also identify where there are gaps in services and resources and then find ways to take action.


Broad areas of interest include transportation, communications, housing, programming, elder abuse prevention, health promotion, sustainability, and social engagement. The Hub endeavours to involve local seniors in collaboratively moving forward on important issues.


Council members are appointed based on their knowledge and experience with seniors’ issues and willingness to advocate for seniors’ well-being. The Council is richer when there is diversity among the people who bring their skills, experience and perspectives to our work.


Council members attend monthly meetings and devote 10-15 hours per month engaged in the work of the Hub in various ways to facilitate collaborative action.

The Hub Council now meets monthly online but will resume in-person meetings when feasible. We welcome new members who are motivated by the values and aims of the Westside Seniors Hub.  


Council is recruiting new members!

The Hub Council is recruiting volunteers to join us and ensure that Westside neighbourhoods are places where seniors can thrive.  For details about volunteering, please click here.


We work collaboratively with Hub Partners on various projects, currently Dementia Ventures, although past projects included housing, pedestrian visibility, and safe, scenic cycling rides for seniors and a companion. 

Some of the work they do includes:

Attend committee or working group meetings devoted to particular areas of need or interest


Connect with community leaders and organizations


Attend, plan and/or support events with their organizational and technological skills


Solicit sponsors and new members


Engage with volunteers and community members


Scan for opportunities to collaborate


Stay abreast of research reports, media articles, statistical data and public fora regarding seniors issues

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