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    HUB COMMITTEES Hub Projects are taken on by Hub Committees, issue-based, action-oriented groups made up of representatives from the Council, Partner Organizations, and the community. They meet as needed to focus attention on particular issues or activities by sharing information, suggesting to the Council what approaches might work, and planning events. They act on behalf of seniors to bring attention to issues and gaps in services. Their work engages businesses, government agencies, non-profit agencies, and the public in moving towards a community where seniors can have their needs met and age well. ​ At this time, Hub Committee members are all collaborating as a Working Group on the multifaceted Building Capacity Dementia Ventures p roject so for action consider Getting Involved! ACCESS & MOBILITY COMMITTEE ​ Identifies seniors’ concerns and needs regarding access and mobility ​ Develops strategies to address those concerns ​ Engages Partner Organizations in coordinated action to keep seniors active and safe within their neighbourhoods ​ WHAT HAVE WE DONE? ​ We recently completed Walk and Be Seen – Neighbourhood Projects 2017 – 2018. This was a pedestrian visibility project that encourages seniors to walk and be more visible during low-light hours. It reached >600 participants with education and visibility gear wiith funding from the federal New Horizons for Seniors Program. The final report is here . ​ To stay informed about current issues, we send a representative to connect with the City of Vancouver Seniors Advisory Committee and to Seniors' Transportation is a Right meetings. ​ HEALTH & WELLNESS COMMITTEE ​ ​ Identifies key physical, social, and mental health issues of Westside Seniors ​ Prioritizes needs and find ways to address them through collaboration with Westside Seniors Hub Council, Hub Partners, other seniors serving organizations, and the community ​ Promotes awareness of seniors’ needs and advocate for change ​ WHAT HAVE WE DONE? ​ Through a partnership with the Alzheimer Society of BC, the Committee has offered two series of workshops to train more than 100 participants in how to create a more dementia-friendly community. Community members, volunteers & staff of the Hub's Westside Partners participated in the workshops. ​ In 2019, we initiated a collaboration with UBC and Lakehead University for active grassroots participation in the 4-year federally PHAC-funded umbrella project for Dementia Ventures . COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE ​ Provides resources for people who want to learn more about seniors’ serving organizations and their services on Vancouver’s Westside. ​ Creates online and print materials that are accessible to seniors, care partners, and the general public ​ Recruits volunteers withskills in website development & maintenance, photography, messaging, and publishing. WHAT HAVE WE DONE? ​ With a New Horizons for Seniors Program grant, we consulted with seniors for input on the Hub design of a logo, website, and print materials and conducted quality testing. We developed a Communications Plan for rolling out and maintaining the website. ​ The website is now being updated to showcase Dementia Ventures and the projects that Partners are initiating. Our communications invite more Partners, Council members and volunteers to join the Hub for collective action on issues affecting seniors! ​

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    RESOURCES The Hub encourages everyone to know about Help Lines that provide credible information to callers with questions and concerns. Help Lines DEMENTIA VENTURES RESOURCES We also provide selected resources here for Dementia Ventures , since that is the Hub's focus in 2020-2023. Understanding & living with dementia Guides for inclusive Programming Tools for Engagement Research Reports & Data

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    Mary Jane MacLennan Mary Jane is a retired federal public servant whose senior leadership roles ranged from labour market development programs to public pensions to social policy. “My greatest satisfaction working coast to coast over 3 decades came from empowering communities to identify their own social issues and build local capacity to initiate change. I am very pleased to be part of the Westside Seniors Hub as a founding member of the Council and a long-time resident of the west side.”

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    Cole Dudley From 'flower power' advocating to government program managing; from art to bookkeeping, my working life (both paid and volunteer) was diverse. In the range of jobs over the years, my focus has been on women's rights, the environment, and housing. Now that I have retired, I am adding to the list those matters that affect seniors' well-being and lifestyle. I am excited to be a part of the Westside Seniors Hub where we work together in developing resources and supporting systems for seniors. And I can't forget art - always a part of my life. Right now, it is photography. I have a large selection of nature photographs which I have sold at craft fairs and independently. I love to search through gardens and fields looking for just the right image with light, colour, shape, and view. Close

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    HUB PARTNERS Become a partner Contact Us Partner Organizations are non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, and government agencies that serve seniors on Vancouver’s Westside. The catchment area is bounded by English Bay (north), Ontario Street (east), Fraser River (south), and includes the University Endowment Lands (west). Partner Organizations have an interest in collaborating with others to support seniors in their community. Learn more about the values that Partner Organizations share here . ​ Click on a profile below to learn more about each Partner Organization and the programs, services, and events it offers. For Partners with current Dementia Ventures projects click here . ​ A.S.K FRIENDSHIP CENTRE, Adult day program 2177 West 42nd Avenue, Vancouver V6M 2B7 604-263-7333 BROCK HOUSE SOCIETY 3875 Point Grey Road, Vancouver, V6R 1B3 604-228-1461 DUNBAR COMMUNITY CENTRE ASSOCIATION 4747 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, V6S 2H2 604-222-6060 Press '1' DUNBAR RESidENTS ASSOCIATION 45057 - 4326 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, V6S 2M8 604-222-9824 FAMILY CAREGIVERS OF BC 6 - 3318 Oak Street, Victoria, V6X 1R1 1-877-520-3267 healthy living program 5913 West Boulevard, Vancouver, V6M 3X1 604-267-4430 JEWISH FAMILY SERVICES 320 - 2285 Clark Drive, Vancouver, V5N 3G9 604-257-5151 KERRISDALE SENIORS CENTRE 5851 West Blvd., Vancouver, V6M 3W9 604-257-8100 ext. 1 KITSILANO COMMUNITY CENTRE 2690 Larch St., Vancouver, V6K 4K9 604-257-6976 ext 1 KITSILANO NEIGHBOURHOOD HOUSE 2305 West 7th Ave., Vancouver, V6K 1Y4 604-736-3588 Pacific spirit united church 2195 W. 45th Avenue, Vancouver BC, V6M 2J2 SOUTH GRANVILLE SENIORS CENTRE 1420 West 12th Ave., Vancouver, V6H 1M8 604-732-0812 ST. FAITH'S ANGLICAN CHURCH 7284 Cypress Street, Vancouver, V6P 5M3 604-266-8011 ext. 1 / ST. STEPHEN'S UNITED CHURCH 7025 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6P 4X6 604-266-4944 Karen Harder: VANCOUVER PUBLIC LIBRARY DUNBAR BRANCH 4515 Dunbar St., Vancouver, V6S 2G7 604-665-3968 VANCOUVER PUBLIC LIBRARY KERRISDALE BRANCH 2112 West 42nd Ave, Vancouver, V6M 2B6 604-665-3974 VANCOUVER PUBLIC LIBRARY KITSILANO BRANCH 2425 MacDonald Street, Vancouver, V6K 3Y9 604-665-3976 VANCOUVER PUBLIC LIBRARY West Point GREY BRANCH 4480 West 10th Ave., Vancouver, V6R 2H9 604-665-3982 West Point GREY COMMUNITY CENTRE & CC Association 4397 West 2nd Ave., Vancouver, V6R 1K4 604-257-8140 WEST POINT GREY UNITED CHURCH 4595 8th Ave. W, Vancouver BC, V6R 2A4 604-224-4388 Hyuk Cho:

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    ​ VOLUNTEERS YOU can help participate in community conversations assist with social, creative & physical activities provide technical expertise & logistical support interview & write stories Volunteers are essential partners in making Hub Partners' programs meaningful opportunities for participants. Your interactions with people living with dementia become important connections to community and diversify the kinds of activities that Hub Partners can offer. ​ Hub Partners would like to hear from you! Visit the Current Hub Partner Projects page to see which project is most attractive and contact the Partner sponsoring it.

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    Mary Jane MacLennan Mary Jane is a retired federal public servant whose senior leadership roles ranged from labour market development programs to public pensions to social policy. “My greatest satisfaction working coast to coast over 3 decades came from empowering communities to identify their own social issues and build local capacity to initiate change. I am very pleased to be part of the Westside Seniors Hub as a founding member of the Council and a long time resident of the west side.” Close

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    COLLABORATION VALUES SENIORS LED T he Hub is seniors'-led in order to best address the needs of seniors. It promotes a healthy aging process, recognizing that multiple generations and cohorts need different activities and supports. Seniors provide guidance on increasing the accessibility of seniors' programs and addressing the diversity of interests among seniors. COMMUNITY FOCUSED The overarching intention of the collaboration among Partner Organizations is to maximize benefits for the community and to leverage resources effectively, for example by seeking opportunities for funding support and innovative collaboration. The Hub relies on community engagement to address the needs and interests of diverse facets of the community. DIGNITY AND RESPECT The Hub operates on values of respect where everyone is treated with care and compassion. We aim to foster independence, self-esteem, dignity and empowerment for seniors and their families. BELONGING The Hub strives to create a sense of belonging and inclusion and provide opportunities to be connected and engaged in the community. OPENNESS The Hub Partner Organizations operate in a spirit of respect for each other and are clear and open about their intentions. They bring forward any issues that arise during the course of Hub work so that they can be addressed by the group. BECOME A PARTNER If you are a public, non-profit, or faith-based organization that serves seniors on Vancouver’s Westside, we would like to collaborate with you! ​ WHAT VALUES DOES THE WESTSIDE SENIORS HUB OFFER? ​ Help seniors know what programs and services Westside organizations offer to keep them socially engaged, active and well-served Enable the sharing of information and resources among Hub Partner Organizations and other community entities Better meet the needs of Westside seniors by sharing knowledge between seniors and Hub Partner Organizations Increase community awareness of seniors' issues and strengthen advocacy on behalf of seniors ​ HOW CAN PARTNERING IN THE WESTSIDE SENIORS HUB BENEFIT MY ORGANIZATION? ​ Enhance community awareness of your seniors’ programs and increase participation Learn from experiences and insights of other seniors' service providers Share ideas and solutions to improve seniors’ programs and services Amplify the voice of Westside seniors' service providers through the collective power of working together WHAT ARE THE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF A HUB PARTNER ORGANIZATION? ​ Actively support the goals and operation of the Westside Seniors Hub by attending quarterly meetings, sitting on committees where possible, and providing advice and expertise to Council and Committees when requested Submit program and event information for profiling in Hub communications (website, HubBytes newsletter) Share ideas, successes, and challenges at quarterly Partner meetings Share information from Partner meetings within your organization Promote the network of Partner Organizations and make referrals where appropriate Partners meet quarterly and communicate via email between meetings. Partners are encouraged to join committees relevant to their work and offer space, resources and guidance to help the Council and volunteers in their efforts. Contact us to become a partner PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS A growing network of Partner Organizations that serve seniors on the Westside have an interest in collaborating to support seniors in their community. They meet quarterly to share information about resources and assets, identify emerging issues, and collaborate on building a range of integrated services for seniors. They work with the Hub Council, serve on committees to act on identified issues, and represent the Hub to the public and various constituencies. Become a partner Current Partners

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    PERSON LIVING WITH DEMENTIA You are invited to help: suggest & plan appealing activity options shape what ongoing social citizenship looks like build new attitudes within your community sustain your quality of life Hub Partners need to hear from you! Please: visit the Current Hub Partner Projects page to see which project is most attractive and contact the Partner sponsoring it.

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    Deborah Davidson Deb is retired from her role as Senior Manager Productivity with Butterfield Bank in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. Before working for the Bank, Deb was a Senior Systems Engineer with IBM Canada. She grew up in Vancouver on the west side attending Maple Grove and Magee and earned a B.Sc. in Computer Science from SFU. She has a Post Graduate Certificate in eLearning and Online Teaching from the University of Wisconsin – Stout. Deb is currently a part time vacation consultant with Expedia. She completed a research trip around the world after moving back to Vancouver in retirement. At Kits House Deb is a volunteer with the English Conversation Circles. Close

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    Lynn Shepherd Lynn has been a biology instructor, science librarian, and nurse in long-term care facilities. She joined the Westside Seniors Hub at its inception in 2015 as a way to meet and work with neighbours interested in promoting seniors’ issues. Lynn believes that retiring seniors should have ready access to needed services and interesting programs so they can stay active and comfortably age in place. She loves living on the Westside with its parks, beaches, amazing vistas, and proximity to so many amenities. “The Westside Seniors Hub is a way for me to engage in creating a community where seniors can comfortably age in place and find fulfillment.” Close

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    PAST PROJECTS CYCLING WITHOUT AGE EVENT September 28, 2019 Cycling Without Age Vancouver, in association with Kitsilano Neighbourhood House and the Westside Seniors Hub, are hosting safe and scenic trishaw rides along the Arbutus Greenway on September 28th from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Trishaws are three-wheeled cycles where you sit in the front and experienced pilots pedal you from behind. Our mission is to break the elderly free from social isolation. Make them smile. Make new memories. And let them be part of society again and thereby renew their appetite for life itself. We give them the right to wind in their hair. Cycling Without Age is based on generosity and kindness. Event HUbBYTES NEWSLETTERS July, September, November 2019 In 2019 Hub Council began compiling resources of potential value to Hub Partner Organizations that we encountered as we attended events and made community contacts. The MailChimp illustrated newsletters were sent out bimonthly to Hub Partners. DEMENTIA PROJECT - HUB FIRST STEPS TOGETHER October-November 2018 Hub Council convened a working group of representatives from Partner Organizations to discuss and decide upon actions to be taken after a presentation about Alzheimer cafés and other dementia-friendly initiatives. At two meetings, some Guiding Principles were drafted. First Steps Together 2017-2018 WALK AND BE SEEN CAMPAIGN The 2017-2018 Vancouver Walk and Be Seen (WBS) campaign was a great success! The finale held in March included presentations by Safety Ambassadors from 17 organizations from Metro Vancouver. Seniors were involved in organizing neighbourhood Walk and Be Seen projects. For those who attended the finale, there was no doubt that many were Proud to be Seniors and Proud to be Seen-iors! During the campaign, volunteer Ambassadors spoke to seniors in their communities about pedestrian safety and the benefits of increasing their visibility in low-light conditions by wearing reflective or light-emitting gear. The comments, stories and survey results collected in this campaign clearly showed grassroots support for increased pedestrian visibility. 2018 WBS Report FORUM ON SENIORS HOUSING ON THE WESTSIDE OF VANCOUVER July 2017 The Westside Seniors Hub, through the Jewish Family Services Agency, received a grant from Vancouver Coastal Health to research seniors housing on the Westside of Vancouver. A researcher interviewed more than forty stakeholders, from housing experts to seniors with housing issues. The report Seniors Housing on the Westside of Vancouver is based on these interviews. The Hub then organized a half-day Housing Forum on April 26, 2017 to further explore housing issues with those interviewed and important stakeholders. The Forum included panel presentations on housing innovation by leaders from Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, the United Way of the Lower Mainland, LaneFab and Calling Ministries, and 36 participants joined two consecutive groups to explore key issues and formulate recommendations. Forum Report 2016-2017 WALK AND BE SEEN PILOT PROJECT Walk and Be Seen (WBS) was a volunteer pilot project on the Westside of Vancouver involving senior pedestrians. It was designed to promote walking during low-light conditions while wearing reflective apparel in response to statistics that show senior pedestrians experiencing the highest number of fatalities from collisions in Vancouver. The project registered 132 participants who agreed to wear free reflective gear (cloth sash or LED slapband), tally walks of any length, and provide feedback. Upon completion, 79 registrants completed a survey and provided comments. An Action Mini-Grant (VGH Trauma Services, Vancouver Coastal Health) provided initial funding with Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, Mountain Equipment Coop, the Jewish Family Services Agency, and WalkMetroVan contributing additional funds and administrative support. 2017 WBS Report 10th AVENUE HEALTH PRECINCT PLANNING UPDATES May 2017 The City of Vancouver Transportation Department undertook a two-phase public consultation process in 2015-2016 regarding redesign proposals for the West 10th Avenue ‘Health Precinct’ (Cambie to Oak Streets). Seniors, persons with disabilities, and many stakeholders provided feedback on those proposals. The Hub noted a few significant design changes as a result of citizen input. NATIONAL SENIORS DAY FAIR October 2015 Event ELDER ABUSE INFORMATION WORKSHOP June 2015 Event DEMENTIA-FRIENDLY TRAINING SESSIONS April 2015 A series of three training sessions with presenters from the Alzheimer Society of BC were arranged and offered to staff and volunteers of Hub Partner organizations and the general public. Report

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    PROGRAM LEADERS YOU can help create a sense of belonging for people with dementia deliver diverse experiences facilitate expression of feelings stimulate the senses and emotions It is so important to remain socially, mentally and physically active when experiencing cognitive decline. Program leaders are essential partners in offering meaningful activities that are fun and inclusive, so community members living with dementia and their care partners look forward to participating. This website's Resources will help you understand how to engage and adapt your leadership skills so your language and approaches resonate and encourage everyone to remain active and involved in your programs. ​ Hub Partners would like to hear from you! Visit the Current Hub Partner Projects page to see which project is most attractive and contact the Partner sponsoring it

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    NEWSLETTER HubBytes is t he Westside Seniors Hub's newsletter. It profiles key initiatives of the Hub's Partner Organizations and flags current issues, events and innovations that may be of interest to seniors. After a pandemic-induced hiatus of two years, we aim to publish HubBytes quarterly starting with Winter 2021-2022 . To view copies of HubBytes newsletters or subscribe, please click here